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              Drink lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.

              If you have an elderly person at home who was used to morning and evening
              walks, create alternatives at home to lessen outside contact.

              Ensure that your kids are taught about hygiene.

              Avoid sending children out to play or cycle and offer alternative play options
              and engage them in creative ways.

              Educate the  underprivileged,  including  your  domestic  help,  security  guards,

              grocery vendor, newspaper vendor, delivery boys etc. in  the importance of
              personal hygiene.

              Be transparent if there is a suspected/sure case of coronavirus, make sure that
              the person is quarantined and all outsiders maintain a safe distance.

              Transparency should be expected not just from others but also from yourself.
              If you suspect that you may be down with coronavirus, quarantine yourself and
              stay isolated for two weeks. You should also alert others to avoid visiting you.

              Handle milk bags and grocery items with care. Wash or wipe them and wash
              your hands soon after.

              Coronavirus can live on certain surfaces up to three days so elevator buttons,
              door knobs, door bells, newspapers, car doors, counters at shops, couriers,

              shared cabs, public transport, shoes, garden seats, grocery items, currency
              notes, ATMs, etc. must be handled carefully.
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