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              PREPARE A SAFETY KIT: Your safety kit must have a face mask, a hand sanitizer,
              soap, gloves, toilet seat sanitizer and tissue paper.

              COVER YOUR FACE:  A mask is effective not just for keeping the virus out, but
              also keeps you from touching your face too often.

              USE A HAND SANITIZER: Carry liquid soap in a small bottle and whenever you
              can’t wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer.

              USE GLOVES: Gloves are necessary whenever you are dealing with shared items
              like the coffee machine or the office phone.

              USE A TOILET SEAT SANITIZER: Use it not just on the toilet seat but also on the
              tap and the flush.

              CARRY TISSUES: Tissues are needed if you happen to sneeze or cough or to dry

              your hands and to turn off the sink tap.

              WIPE DOWN: Clean your desk, mouse, keyboard and screen daily with a paper
              towel and alcohol rub before you start work.

              TAKE A BREAK: It helps to take a break from your screen every 20 minutes for 20
              seconds so you don’t feel the need to rub your eyes.

              AVOID SHARED CUTLERY: Carry your own plate, glass, spoons, bottles and if you

              really need to use office cutlery, wash it yourself.

                                 MINIMUM 2M (6FT)                            MINIMUM 2M (6FT)
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