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              BE MINDFUL:  Avoid touching commonly used surfaces and be mindful about
              what you touch. Wash your hands every time you end up touching a doorknob
              or lift buttons with your bare hands.

              AVOID CROWDED LIFTS: Take the staircase instead. If you need to touch the
              railing for support, wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you reach
              the office, even before you set your bag down at the desk.

              GO  DIGITAL:  Scan  and  send  important  documents  instead.  Keep a  digital

              signature ready for a situation that may require it. Use a digital wallet instead of
              dealing in cash.

                         WASH HANDS                                       SOCIAL DISTANCE

                   WEAR MASK                                                    HAND SANITIZER

                                            AVOID TOUCHING FACE
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