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Coverage of Third Party Sampling for Coal Quality Determination
Quantity Sampled 0 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT)
Production (MMT) 0
Dispatch (MMT) 0

Coal Company wise Coverage and Quality

Third party sampling: Concept and its impact.

Third party sampling monitors the quality of coal supplied to various consumers. Read more

*GCV: Gross Calorific Value(Kcal/Kg)
Quality Parameters
No. of Samples (Non-Coking + Others)
Samples Referred (Non-Coking + Others)
Difference between Weighted Averages of Declared GCV and Analyzed GCV (Non-Coking Coal)
Samples Slipped/Upgraded & Confirmed (Non-Coking Coal)
Sampling Agencies

Despite declared grade of subsidiaries, there have been slippage complaints vis-a-vis declared grade of coal within the mines. To address the issue, third party sampling has been adopted. The key agencies involved are CIMFR, QCI, SGS and MITRA SK.

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