Third Party Sampling

In order to bring transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency in coal quality ecosystem, Coal India Limited (CIL) intents to provide a holistic quality determination and monitoring system for coal supplies to consumers.

Third Party Sampling (TPS) is an initiative towards bringing transparency by engaging agencies of national repute to independently determining coal quality. Third party sampling also minimises disputes arising between consumer and Coal Company regarding coal quality.


  • Sample Collection:

    The sample is collected from coal supplied to the consumer at the loading point as per BIS Standards with the help of trained and equipped manpower. To ensure transparency and to affirm zero deviation from methodology, representatives of coal companies and consumers may witness the sample collection. It may be noted that collection methodology varies for different modes of coal dispatch

  • Sample Preparation:

    The coal sample collected is prepared and reduced to an appropriate size at preparation room of coal company. The sample collected is reduced to a size of 12.5 mm for determination of total moisture content. The prepared sample is further reduced to a powdered size of 212 microns. The final prepared sample will be divided into four equal parts viz. Set – I, set – II, Set-III and Set-IV.

    • Set – I is handed over to Third Party for testing and analysis.
    • Set-II and Set-III of the sample is handed over to the coal company and consumer respectively.
    • Set-IV of the sample called referee sample is sealed jointly by Third Party and representatives of each of the coal company and consumer.

  • Testing and Analysis

    The testing and analysis of coal sample are carried out by Third Party at independent coal testing labs as per BIS Standards. The determination of Ash, moisture, and GCV is done on equilibrated moisture basis. The findings of the analysis report are communicated to both coal company and consumer

  • In case of any dispute

    Referee Sample is kept at the sample preparation room under the custody of Third Party. The referee sample is retained in double sealed condition (duly signed by the Third Party and the representatives of the coal company/consumer. In case of any dispute regarding findings of the result, any of the party may opt for analysis of referee sample. The communication of referee sample should be made within 7(seven) days of communication of report. The disputing party holds the right to choose one of the government labs from the list.

    The Detailed methodology is given below for the reference.

Sampling Agencies

Despite declared grade of subsidiaries, there have been slippage complaints vis-a-vis declared grade and analysed grade within the mines. To address the issue, third party sampling has been adopted. The key agencies involved are CIMFR, QCI.

Referral Agencies

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